Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? 2015 - present free download

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Comedy, Action, Romance, Fantasy, Animation, Adventure
Directed by:
Yoshinobu Yamakawa Daisuke Takashima
Y. Yamakawa, D. Takashima
Stars:Top billed stars:
Yoshitsugu Matsuoka Inori Minase Bryson Baugus
Y. Matsuoka, I. Minase, B. Baugus
2 Seasons
26 Episodes
Comedy, Action, Romance, Fantasy, Animation, Adventure

Bell Cranell is a rookie adventurer and the sole member of his dirt-poor guild founded by the petite goddess Hestia. Adventurers come from far and wide looking to strike it big in the massive labyrinth known as Dungeon, located beneath the city of Orario. Bell is more interested in picking up girls than Dungeon-crawling, but his reality check comes sooner than expected. Saved from a brush with death by the beautiful, renowned adventurer Aiz Wallenstein, Bell falls head-over-heels and sets his sights on winning her heart, but she's not the only woman he's caught the attention of, for better of worse.

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2019 October

episode 10/05 - S02E13 - Episode 13

2019 September

episode 09/20 - S02E11 - Rakia: Army's Advance
episode 09/07 - S02E09 - Berbera: War Prostitutes

2019 August

episode 08/24 - S02E07 - Renard: Fox Person
episode 08/17 - S02E06 - Ishtar Familia: City of Lust
episode 08/10 - S02E05 - Home: The Hearthfire Mansion
episode 08/03 - S02E04 - War Game: War Game

2019 July

episode 07/27 - S02E03 - Conversion: Gathering
episode 07/20 - S02E02 - Apollo: Sun God
episode 07/13 - S02E01 - Party: Banquet of the Gods

2015 June

episode 06/20 - S01E12 - Show: Evil Intentions

2015 May

episode 05/30 - S01E09 - Welf Crozzo: Blacksmith
episode 05/09 - S01E06 - Liliruca Arde: Reason
episode 05/02 - S01E05 - Grimoire: Spellbook

2015 April

episode 04/25 - S01E04 - Supporter: The Weak
episode 04/04 - S01E01 - Adventurer: Bell Cranel
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